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Government shutdown deter public service, says NY Law Schools

Most New York law students who miss out on the opportunity to work for the federal government because of the shutdown will likely graduate on time but their advisers fear they will be turned off to public service altogether.

Hundreds of law students across the country who expected to extern this semester at federal agencies now find themselves in limbo. Their advisers are working frantically to find alternative placements but some students feel that the backup plans aren’t as inspiring as their first choices.

“These shutdowns not just only undermine the public confidence but I also think it derails bright young law students from entering government service,” said Rachel Pauley, who oversees D.C. externships for Columbia Law School.

“I think it will be a real shame if students miss out on that experience. It upsets me horribly,” said William Yeomans, a former federal employee who teaches the Columbia students an ethics course leading into the externship. “I think what’s going on is an exercise in irresponsibility. The government should never be shut down.”


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